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Submitted on
September 10, 2013
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I am
The upward curl
Of her mouth,
The smile she wears
When she has no doubt
That what she sees
Is true.
I am all her cares.
I am the glimmer
In her eyes -
All she sees
Because I leave her blind.
I am the polluted oxygen
She thrives off of -
The very same toxicity
Coursing through her veins,
Merely a harlequin
Who increases her pains.
I am the king
Of her body,
Of her heart.

I am all that she values
And I value all that
She has to lose.
I am the fall
Before the pain,
The slow dancing
Of the dying leaves
In a season
Without the rain.
I am the largest planet
In her universe,
Maybe not her sun
But I am the only one
Her earth
Revolves around.
I am the diamonds
Around her neck,
Throttling her with authority
And leaving her to be
Nothing but a silent wreck.

I am the one
To whom she willingly
Sacrificed her sanity,
The one
Who should consider himself lucky
To receive it all for free.
I am lacking
The adrenaline that conquest
Should bring -
The fire I set ablaze
To triumph her
Old ways
Now means only ashes remain
And she's burnt out.
I am not proud
Of starting fires
And leaving much
To be desired
But my goal has been met
And I am perfectly aware
That it's me
She'll never forget.

I am conscious
Of the fact that
She falls to her knees
To satisfy my every wish
And I am
Able to tower over her
As she attempts to please
My desires
Though they are childish.
I am a painter
And she is my masterpiece,
Worth a thousand words
But words escape me,
And who's to say
What I didn't?
I am
The ice in her soul,
Freezing her now stone cold
Heart and leaving her unsure
Of where to start.
for :iconwriters--club:'s Confessions of a King Literature Contest.
click the above links for the group's page & the contest's rules.

the king is based on the kings of hearts, diamonds, clubs, & spades, from a standard deck of cards, with tarot card influences.
the hearts suit, in this poem, relates to the subject's body.
the diamonds suit can be associated with power, values, the season autumn, & the planet jupiter. i tried to incorporate all aspects into that stanza.
the clubs suit can be associated with business, fire, achievements, & goals. again, i tried to incorporate these aspects.
finally, the spades suit can be associated with arrogance, pride, & winter, all of which i tried to include. spades is usually at the beginning of the deck which is why, ironically enough, i left it to the end & concluded it with hints of a new beginning.

this poem's probably the first & last time i'll write with capital letters & not use ampersands, haha.

feedback is encouraged as i wrote this much more quickly than i should have & consequently probably didn't know what the hell i was going on about.
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WalkinginDreamlight Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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