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read my love with both hands,
speak to me through rhythms of your tongue
in a language that only
i would know.
the tremble of my lips -
chills manifesting from
a trail of well wishes that only
i could give.
effects of your hunger, my satiety,
& allow yourself to devour it
though silencing me
is far from your goal;
each scar & read me like braille -
i have burdened you with my heart
& will cherish the light of your love
until i burn out.
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 8 3
i live
to hear my heart pounding
in my ears.
are you altered by nothing,
by everything,
quite this much?
is this all you've got?
"you are not your mental illness",
they say.
i don't think i believe that
at all.
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 19 5
turning five into four.
i. gregory,
with his sun-kissed skin & microscopic eyes,
knows not to don rachel's rose-coloured glasses
or take her reality classes.
although he is swimming in disbelief,
he can't help feeling like he's mourning
something that he's not yet lost.
ii. rachel's forte was never gardening.
her family tree could rain its leaves all day
but she will not be the rake, clawing
its way through the earth
to neatly bundle a bouquet;
she can not see ian's pleas
through a rose lens with embers in her eyes.
iii. ian is not afraid to get his hands dirty.
if an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind,
then maybe rachel was the sacrifice,
& he will not hesitate to dig deep
to ensure that emily is satisfied.
iv. emily is suffering under the oppression
of a king that she did not bargain for.
every day is her december:
she freezes the touch of each man
at speeds that question if angels roam the earth,
& prays that they do.
with just one blink,
all the colours from her life retired.
v. florence knows wh
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 20 11
glossy magazines:
love your body!
lose weight now.
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 24 19
from under the dome.
breathless dreamer,
sleep is but two arm's lengths away,
evading your grasps throughout the tangle
of uneven arms.
your fingers are the tribute --
a puppet to neuronal impulses
designed to protect you from harm --
that you declare war against
with a shot of vodka.
you are rattling your ivory cage
in self-hate & self-defense
as she ebbs & flows in;
like an intoxicated wave
flirting with the shoreline
on a miserable day,
you are drowning in your veins --
the weight of the world
resting solely on your head, your heart
racing against your mind(-
less thoughts).
the path is well tread, each
synapse well versed in a
language that's left you blind,
as you self-medicate & nurse your own
in a house that's not
your home.
you are the tired bluebird
who trembles at her touch;
the colour on your skin is a
mark of the chains holding you down &
you are a bird of her prey.
actions & thoughts are known & repeated;
she is your worst enemy & your best friend --
she cages you in
but a cage is no
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 25 14
not so picture perfect.
when i was seventeen,
the world told me that it was at my feet,
& patiently waited for me to step foot in it
so it could take me as its own.
he told me that the world would
eat me alive
but have faith, he said,
get down on your knees & pray.
i guess god must have low self-esteem.
eighteen taught me
that love couldn't conquer all,
despite the faith it demanded
from you.
trust was wearing thin,
just like his excuses,
& i didn't know my role
in a world made for those
who knew their place.
when i was nineteen,
the future escaped me
& the present was a gift
that i did not ask for.
i was drained, exhausted,
& secluded in a cave
constructed from the remains of myself
that i salvaged from the world.
it was no wonder i was empty.
at twenty,
time was running out.
the book i was blindly writing
made little sense, & i was reading
braille on the skin of others.
the sand that weighed me down
shifted, until the glass cracked.
i guess time ran out.
twenty-one was rebirth,
adrenaline embe
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 24 14
snow white:
fruit of my eye,
freezing blood in my veins.
poisoned, tachycardic; i fear
the end.
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 31 28
you appealed to me.
i ran.
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 8 4
santa's slay.
the holidays leave
the end nigh
yet they wonder why
the suicide rate
is so high.
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 3 13
first love.
first love,
you did not waltz into my existence with shoes fit for dancing
& intentions of conquering unknown (depths of) melodies of lucid heartbreak,
like you did with the others.
instead, you were found nestled in the sheets of another,
proclaiming love to a lover whom you tried too hard to love
first love,
i thought i found you in the upward curl of his smile
but instead,
discovered you in the dark depths of your doe-eyed innocence,
denying that you were sleeping with the enemy in your bed,
whilst realising that running was not an option
when you knew what you were trying to run from.
first love,
i saw you trade thoughts for alcohol,
pens for cigarettes,
& paper for ashes,
turning the words that ran rapidly through your bloodstream into intoxicated vomit,
purging your body in an effort to cease housing all the insecurities that creep up on you,
leaving you trembling
under the weight of failure.
first love,
i saw you grow weary of circling thoughts 'til infinity,
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 41 19
a girl, yet woman,
composed of love, coffee, growth -
a mind that wanders.
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 13 7
three's a crowd.
i was married to the thought of separation
long before i flirted, & became caught,
with ideas of right & wrong
& afore i danced to my own song,
down the line of who i am
& who i wanted to be.
what's normality but routine,
& who's to judge what they've not seen
inside the home constructed
from the labour
of tremoring muscles of morality,
atrophying at the mere suggestion
of surgery, & resembling
a cheated presentation
of recovery.
i protected your secrets
from the cancerous spread of shame,
yet i allowed it to consume me &
it's unfortunate
that i couldn't keep myself
from the grasps of your toxicity.
if children are a map of their parents,
then i am, in essence,
the child of the devil,
hoping for a miracle
so she can say the word
i so desperately crave
& i know that
actions speak louder than words
but love is blind & hate may be deaf,
but at least it's clear to see reason.
maybe silence isn't quite so golden
& maybe my actions could be spoken
as i pray her days cease feeling
like her ni
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 17 18
autumn's garden.
it was autumn's beginning
when he scattered a combination of kisses
on my collarbones & chest
(the rusted gate to the crevice of my crux)
in a vain attempt to unlock the possibility of a love so parched,
like the terrain of his treachery,
that the sweat determined to fall down our backs
would be enough to quench his thirst -
as if each kiss would be enough to transform my entire core
into a garden of his own
to play in.
with each kiss
he planted flowers in my heart,
with roots down to the core of my being,
knowing of the dark clouds
pouring down the rain from my brain,
nourishing the fruits of his labour
in a cool whirl -
a breeze enough to ruffle even the smallest of feathers,
swirl the dead-most leaves,
& arouse the most dormant
of souls.
even if each kiss was enough to transform the crumbling of gates
(like an autumn leaf
slow dancing its way to the ground
in a fear of being crushed
by the foot steps left on my heart),
the falling of summer's lust,
& the trembling of hands against t
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 42 23
i vanish.
a few excessive kilograms
adorn my body,
stubborn in their departure:
like an uninvited guest
too dense to perceive
the subtle hints i leave
on my skin;
not feeling as blessed as i
could have been
if i were
if i am too much
then why do i feel like
i am not enough
for the starved society
that eats away at my insides
& feeds me
empty, palatable lies,
(a fabricated portrayal of reality's demise)
leaving me wishing
that each bittersweet tear i cry
is enough to rid my body,
my healthy home,
of excess salt
all through my eyes;
not realising that the number
beneath my feet
does little to measure
each person who feeds
off of my kindness, my sincerity,
that each time i bleed
myself away
in a well fed wish
to vanish,
i'm just another one of society's prey
losing themselves
to what they weigh.
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 231 114
my body's slave is my mind.
it's barely summer
but i've forgotten how to breathe;
i fall in love with strangers
before they even speak.
it's like i'm
within the pulsating crowd
like a fly trapped in a spider's web;
questions are spun
all around.
inferiority screams in my ear
& consumes all thoughts
until i can't hear
all the questions that are caught
between threads of my insecurities,
weaving around
& around
the fabric of my being -
tightening its grip
with everyone seeing
it's barely summer
but i can feel
winter's chill:
each pump of my left ventricle
is an exertion against will,
& leaves me cripple
& frozen, still -
but feeling like i could run
before you could catch me.
i watch the moon
trade places with the sun,
racing against time,
but my day
has still not yet
:iconsetmyworldintomotion:setmyworldintomotion 68 53
life lessons.
laugh a little,
love a lot.
you'll get your heart broken
so maybe not,
but who am i
to call the shots?
sadness will consume you
if you allow it to.
happiness is a few steps away,
but it's up to you to find its path
& don't forget,
nothing will last.
take what you get
& work for what you want.
know that something will set
but waiting will get you nowhere.
be kind to those you love
so they'll know that you're there.
play the hand you're dealt
& gamble what you want.
learn to deal
because all of it is real.
learn your lessons
before you play them out.
know them thoroughly
before you get out.
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read my love with both hands,
speak to me through rhythms of your tongue
in a language that only
i would know.

the tremble of my lips -
chills manifesting from
a trail of well wishes that only
i could give.

effects of your hunger, my satiety,
& allow yourself to devour it
though silencing me
is far from your goal;

each scar & read me like braille -
i have burdened you with my heart
& will cherish the light of your love
until i burn out.
merry christmas.


i'm still alive, just not on here. how is everyone? hit me up on facebook if you wanna chat. 


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set my world into motion.

twenty-five, sydney.
psychology, neuroscience & social work graduate;
i try to adult by working a full-time government job.
i've recently re-discovered the beauty of stringing words together & will never stray from it again.

coffee. books. cities.
night drives. gigs.
tekken. arcades.
psych thrillers.
bar hopping.
all sudoku.
my life.

i'm one of those people who will thank you for the favourite. i apologise if comments of this nature irritate you.
background image of custom boxes taken from here.
hey guys,
how have you been? as i'm sure you've noticed, i've not been active on here for about a year. strangely enough, i still receive about ten page views a day.
i think it's quite apparent that my time on dA has pretty much come to an end. i've been on this website for about eight years with a couple of different accounts. dA reinforced my love of writing & i'm thankful for all that i've learnt on here, as well as the amazing people i've (virtually) met.
as you may have noticed, i've taken down all my "good" poetry from my gallery. i have plans for these pieces & leaving them on dA would hinder my plans. 
so i guess that leaves me to what i've been up to. i'm still at uni & i finish my second degree, my social work degree, in two months. it's scary to think about but i'm excited! i've also submitted to a few literature journals/magazines & have actually been shortlisted for a couple, including my uni's literary journal which is the oldest lit journal in australasia. i'm pretty stoked & can't wait to find out in the next week or so if either of the two poems shortlisted will be published. if they do, i'd get to go to the launch & mingle with editors & authors & other literary types. very exciting!
on the topic of literary journals, hi-hope & i have co-founded an online zine called Paper Lens. we've been fortunate enough to have a graphic designer lend his efforts into designing the zine, as well as semi-established writers and artists submit to it. our first issue will be out in october and subsequent issues will be released every three months. i'd appreciate it if you guys wanted to submit or check it out! you can find us on facebook, twitter, tumblr, & issuu (where the zine will be uploaded). click the links to find out more. if you'd like to submit to us, email your submissions to & we'll be forever thankful! all submitters will be allowed to place an ad in the zine for something they wish to spruik. nothing better than a free plug!
anyway, that's all from me. let me know how you all are going! if you'd like to stay in touch, follow Paper Lens on one or all of our social media accounts & we can catch up!
love & light. :heart: 


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